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What’s in The American Jobs Plan?


On March 31, 2021, the Biden Administration released an overview of The American Jobs Plan (Plan), which broadly outlines a proposed $2T modernization investment in the nation’s transportation, environmental and digital infrastructure and spread over eight fiscal years. The Plan includes fixing highways, upgrading ports, airports, and other transit centers. It calls for the modernization of public buildings, including federal facilities, upgrades to water delivery infrastructure, and revitalization of American manufacturing and innovation.

Choosing a Business Structure


Starting a new business is an exciting time where entrepreneurs transform their new or innovative ideas from drawing board to production and delivery. During these initial stages, a business owner has to manage multiple demands and priorities to get key people, processes, and structures into place. For new manufacturing companies, this might mean investment in facilities, machinery, workers, and an ordering system

Workforce Shortages a Continued Challenge for Manufacturers


Manufacturing companies are still looking for ways to solve the persistent worker shortages that have plagued the industry for years. While the origins of the deficit are not entirely clear, it’s believed baby boomer retirement coupled with a high number of young workers with a college education, has helped to fuel the issue.

15 Signs That You Need a New Accountant


Discover 15 signs that you might need to look for a new accountant – or at the very least review the quality of the service and advice they provide to your business.

New Jersey Manufacturers Face Continued Challenges


Manufacturers are struggling with attracting and retaining labor, increasing raw material costs and changing economic conditions. The survey findings provide excellent insight into what industry companies may expect to experience in the coming months.

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