Real Estate and Construction is more than just location, location, location. While this is undoubtedly essential several other variables must be considered when acquiring, improving, or disposing of property. The formula varies for nearly every industry company from a property manager, property developer to real estate investor. The calculation becomes more complicated when working across property types such as commercial, residential, and industrial real estate. To optimize your company’s tax and financial situation, it’s essential to work with an experienced provider that has the industry knowledge and expertise to analyze and optimize your situation. Many of the recently enacted changes from tax reform have opened new opportunities for industry companies.

Klatzkin works with dozens of real estate and construction companies providing guidance on tax, accounting, audit and more complex, less compliance-focused, business issues. Our team works with companies in Lower Bucks County and across New Jersey to identify opportunities, resolve challenges, and uncover new opportunities. Our work also extends to other markets such as Philadelphia and New York City, where companies have come to rely on us as well. Regardless of location, our real estate team stands ready to assist with all your needs.

  • Our Real Estate & Construction Services

    • Transaction structuring
    • Due diligence
    • Cost segregation studies
    •  1031 like-kind exchanges
    • Passive activity rules
    • Tax planning and compliance
    • State and local tax
    • Financial statement audits
    • Part-Time CFO/Outsourced accounting
    • Opportunity zone planning
    •  Cash flow analysis, budgeting and forecasting
  • Let Us Help You Move Forward

    Real estate and construction can be complicated businesses that require a unique combination of location, timing, and opportunity to be successful. If you are experiencing issues with your accounting, financial reporting or process or need additional guidance with taxes, Klatzkin can help.


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