Efficiency. It’s the focus of industry companies from identifying more effective methods of production to uncovering faster ways to move products to vendors and customers. The goal is often to increase capacity and reduce costs while delivering quality. Although management can leverage technology to mitigate many inefficiencies, other issues, including the impact of changing economic conditions and tight labor market on cost, are more challenging to manage. For this reason, it’s essential to partner with an experienced provider who can help navigate issues, offer insights on best practices, and ensure the financial vitality of the company.


Klatzkin has years of experience serving the financial reporting and compliance needs of small to mid-sized industry companies in Lower Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and across New Jersey. During this time, we have worked with both family-owned and privately held companies to maintain compliance, streamline reporting, and uncover opportunities through the Research & Development (R&D) tax and other credits. Our team stands ready to assist with your tax, accounting, audit, and business consulting needs.

  • Our Manufacturing, Wholesale & Distribution Services

    • Tax planning and compliance
    • Assistance with multi-state tax issues
    • R&D tax credit analysis
    • Succession and exit planning
    • Part-Time CFO services
    • Outsourced accounting
    • Strategic business planning
    • Auditing and Accounting Services
    • Audited financial statements
    • Reviewed financial statements
    • Compiled financial statements
  • Let Us Help You Move Forward

    Working with a provider that intimately understands your company and challenges is essential to success. Whether managing a local manufacturing company or a multi-location distribution company, our team is here to guide you. 


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