Managing an estate can be a challenging task. While every taxpayer wants to pay the least amount allowed in income taxes, the goals and challenges of estate administration extend far beyond this premise. There are several items that must be considered when establishing an estate, including how assets should be managed, distributed, and how they will be used. The challenge for many is finding a provider that not only understands these planning issues but also has the knowledge to identify the right mix of solutions for each estate. While some solutions require legal expertise to ensure the proper estate set up and structure, other solutions are more financial in nature. Wealth preservation and management, gifting strategies, insurance planning, and charitable giving play an important, but different role depending on the estate’s needs and goals. For this reason, it’s crucial to partner with a provider who understands the complexities on the financial side of estate planning and administration.


Klatzkin works with numerous estates and trusts in Lower Bucks County and across New Jersey to provide the needed direction and expertise to help individuals reach their estate planning goals. Our team has years of experience working with estates to best plan how to manage and pass assets to future generations with minimum tax consequences, allowing you to direct where, how, and when assets are distributed. After death, Klatzkin can reduce the stress on the Executor by helping them navigate the overwhelming complexities of the estate administration. Our team of experts stands ready to meet your trust and estate administration needs.  

  • Our Estate & Trust Administration Services

    Preservation of Wealth

    • Minimize estate taxes
    • Develop business succession plans
    • Select assets to fund a trust

    Explore the Use and Benefits of:

    • Generation-Skipping Trusts
    • Life insurance trusts
    • Trusts to transfer wealth
    • Charitable trusts
    • Private foundations
    • Family Limited Partnerships
    • Special needs trusts

    Protecting Your Beneficiaries

    • Lifetime gifts
    • Protect assets of beneficiaries while providing for a spouse
    • Review the criteria for your best choice of Trustee(s), Executor (s), or Guardian(s)
    • Evaluate issues relating to multi-families and second marriages
    • Include provisions for long-term health for you, your Spouse or dependent(s)
    • Review adequacy of life insurance
    • Determine age and maturity at which beneficiaries inherit

    Enhancing Your Wealth

    • Utilize income and estate tax plans
    • Explore college plans
    • Coordinate tax elections
    • Maximize available exemptions
    • Reduce debt

    Post-Death Administration

    • Provide executor with a comprehensive checklist of to-do items
    • Preparation of estate income tax and death tax returns
    • Assist in applying for life insurance and other benefits
    • Assist with the paperwork necessary to transfer securities and other assets
    • Search for missing assets
  • Let Us Help You Move Forward

    Managing your estate is an important task that should be left in the hands of experienced and qualified professionals. Protecting and growing your estate to ensure that loved ones are cared for is an essential part of the process. Move forward with confidence, knowing our experienced team members are here to guide you through this complicated process.




LAURA WEBER-CARNEVALE is the Partner-in-Charge of Klatzkin's Newtown office and focuses on providing accounting and tax solutions to companies in the real estate, professional services, and manufacturing industries.


MICHELLE ROBB Michelle is a Partner in the firm’s tax practice focused on serving the planning and compliance needs of nonprofits, manufacturers and distributors, and professional service firms.



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