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The Impact of New Jersey Inheritance Taxes on Estate Planning


Ensuring the orderly transfer of one’s estate and assets after death is an important responsibility. This often results in the creation of an estate plan that identifies potential tax issues, explores tax-saving strategies, and implements them over time.

Two Elections That Trustees and Executors Should Consider Now


Fiduciaries can make certain elections after the year-end that could affect the prior year tax returns for the trusts and estates, as well as those of the beneficiaries. These elections must be made on or before the 65th day after the close of the taxable year, which is Thursday, March 5, 2020, for the year ending December 31, 2019.

The Finances of Estate Planning for Smaller Estates


Over the years, the estate planning game has changed for the majority of taxpayers.  Due to the increased exemptions, only 1,800 decedents will be required to pay an estate tax in 2019, but the need for planning continues.   

Gift Tax and Estate Tax – Are They the Same Thing?


In the United States, transfers of wealth are subject to tax. When transferred during the giver’s lifetime, wealth is subject to gift tax, but when transferred after death, it is subject to estate tax.

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