From time to time, privately held companies, non-profit organizations, and independent schools of various sizes, are required to undergo a financial statement audit or other assurance engagement. The purpose of an audit is to obtain an independent opinion about whether a company’s financial statements are stated in accordance with specified criteria.  Depending on the level of assurance needed, companies may be required to have a financial statement audit, review, compilation, or other procedure. The result is a report that provides insight to owners, directors, trustees, banks, creditors, suppliers, and government agencies as to a company’s financial position. The challenge many businesses face is finding a qualified provider who is not only focused on proactive communication and client service but also on financial reporting and technical proficiency. While the latter is important, it’s the former that drives value and comfort for the company.


For years Klatzkin has been providing audit and assurance services to privately held companies, nonprofit organizations, and educational institutions. Our team members receive ongoing technical training and are up to date on the latest changes and updates. We work with private companies, nonprofits, and educational institutions primarily in Lower Bucks County and across New Jersey. Whatever your audit or assurance needs, our professionals are ready to assist you.

  • Our Audit & Assurance Services

    • Financial statement audits
    • Financial statement reviews
    • Financial statement compilations
    • Agreed-upon procedures
  • Let Us Help You Move Forward

    While most audits are technical and complex, it doesn’t mean the search for the right provider needs to be. If you are looking for assistance with your first audit, review, or compilation or would like a fresh perspective, Klatzkin can help. Put our years of experience and training to work for you. 


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