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Klatzkin & Company LLP offers a full range of auditing, accounting, tax and consulting services to nonprofit organizations, including educational institutions. Nonprofit organizations face unique challenges, from declining federal and state grant funding to increased oversight from regulatory and tax authorities. We will work with you to provide the reliable information and accurate reporting that you need.

Who We Serve

  • Federally Funded Organizations
  • Healthcare Entities
  • Legal Services
  • Private Foundations
  • Private Education Institutions
  • Professional Associations
  • Social Service Organizations

Nonprofit Services

  • Tax Preparation and Compliance
    • Preparation of Form 990 and State Registrations
    • Form 1023 Preparation and Assistance
  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Representation
  • Budgeting
  • Bookkeeping Services
  • Strategic Planning
  • Consulting
    • Grant Reporting Guidance
    • Tracking of Expenditures for Restricted Funds
    • Audit Preparation Services
  • Fiduciary Guidance
    • Compliance for Management
    • Compliance for Board of Trustees and Directors
  • Auditing and Accounting Services
    • Audited Financial Statements
    • Reviewed Financial Statements
    • Compiled Financial Statements
    • Yellow Book Audit
    • Single Audit Report

For more information contact

Thomas H. Martin


Christopher S. Maynard