A comprehensive Estate Plan is designed to preserve, protect and enhance your wealth. Your Estate is your property or possessions – your home, your business, your cash and securities, life insurance, retirement plans – anything that you own which can produce income or be converted to cash minus your liabilities.

Preserving Your Wealth

  • Minimize Estate Taxes
  • Develop Business Succession Plans
  • Select Assets to Fund a Trust
    • Explore the Use and Benefits of:
             > Generation Skipping Trusts
             > Life Insurance Trusts
             > Trusts to Transfer Wealth
             > Charitable Trusts
             > Private Foundations
             > Family Limited Partnerships



Estate planning is a process. Well thought out plans make allowances for potential changes in economic or family circumstances. However, it is difficult to predict all of the possible changes that might affect your personal or financial situation, and periodic reviews of your plan are essential.

Protecting Your Beneficiaries

  • Take Advantage of Lifetime Gifts
  • Protect Assets of Beneficiaries While Providing for a Spouse
  • Review the Criteria for Your Best Choice of Trustees, Executors, and Guardians
  • Evaluate Issues Relating to Multi-Families, and Second Marriages
  • Include Provisions for Long Term Health for You, Your Spouse, or Dependents
  • Review Adequacy of Life Insurance
  • Determine Age and Maturity at Which Beneficiaries Inherit



Your advisors at Klatzkin are often the most appropriate choices for directing and coordinating your Estate Plan because as your accountants and advisors, we are an integral part of your financial plans.

Enhancing Your Wealth

  • Utilize Income and Estate Tax Plans
  • Explore College Plans
  • Coordinate Tax Elections
  • Maximize Available Exemptions
  • Reduce Debt